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A Letter from a good friend.

posted Nov 3, 2014, 9:06 PM by Ashim Acharya   [ updated Nov 3, 2014, 9:08 PM ]
On November 4, I will vote for Amreeta Regmi to represent District 95 in the Georgia Legislature, and here’s why:

I have known Amreeta for a number of years because of our common interest in improving our community. When I learned that she was running for the Georgia legislature, I immediately decided that she would get my vote.  Amreeta is an honest, considerate person with a passion for her community.  I have watched her step up to take responsibility for our community and am pleased to see her take that commitment even further.  I know she will unite District 95 and represent all of us with dignity and fairness.

Amreeta brings new, updated ideas on education, environment, enterprise, and ethics--what she calls the 4 E’s—to District 95. I want to know that all of our young citizens will be prepared to succeed in our increasingly technological society.  I am on the Green Committee for the City of Peachtree Corners, and agree with Amreeta that we desperately need a sustainable environment and energy policy for our state to support decisions on how the state is going to fuel its future. I want to be assured that our next representative understands how to manage large budgets and make the tough decisions about spending.  I want to be ensured that our government representatives are honest and trustworthy.
So, please join me tomorrow, Nov. 4th, in voting for Amreeta Regmi for House District 95.

Lorrie Backer, Ph.D., MPH
Member, Green Committee, Peachtree Corners