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Campaign is Over and Thank You to my Voters

posted Nov 6, 2014, 10:25 AM by Ashim Acharya
Campaign is Over and Thank You to my Voters

Thank you so much for your votes, your support and the confidence you gave me throughout the campaign into last night. It’s my privilege to gain this tremendous recognition from across House District 95.
As a first time candidate running for public office in the State of Georgia, I am honored to receive over 5782 votes, not counting the numbers in the provisional ballots which will be coming in next week. In Gwinnett County alone, I received close to 40 percent of the votes, this is very significant for a newcomer in politics. 
We raised close to $40,000 in campaign funds, all coming from small donations from family, friends and neighbors in the community. We could not have done without this financial support.
I met wonderful people on my campaign trail, bonded with generous  new friends and welcoming neighbors.  I am humbled by everyone's generosity. Your friendship and help allowed me to run an amazing professional grassroots campaign with honesty, integrity and dignity. 
Thank you once again to everyone who gave me time, resources and all of your support. I have thoroughly enjoyed this incredible democratic process.
Best wishes to you all and enjoy the holiday season!